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Buy nootropics online, and is it safe?
12 juli 2020 [email protected]

Buy nootropics online, and is it safe?

What do I need to take note of when I buy nootropics online? Learn everything you need to know right here!

The internet is still a relatively new technology and as a result, regulation always runs a bit behind. In the “Wild West” environment of the e-commerce, you want to be completely confident with any product you plan to take internally or externally. When buying food supplements in general, it’s best to be advised of some possible pitfalls. We would like to give you some basic advice to assist you in your nootropic journey. Definitely when you buy nootropics online. Bear in mind, none of our advice is a 100% guarantee. You should always exercise due diligence and fully research any product or company you are considering, but we wish to help you in the best way possible.

Always make sure you’re educated about the supplements you’re using. Nootropics, in general, are considered safe and relatively side-effect free, but everybody is different because every BODY is different. Researching the benefits, possible side effects, recommended dosage range is key. Some basic study and experimenting is a good start. Finding out what compounds work together well as a “nootropic stack” and what works well for you personally is of the utmost importance. One extremely excellent source for reliable and honest information about nootropic supplements is also the website As with any type of supplement, there will always be some unscrupulous vendors who try to hype up their products without relying on solid science to back their claims. sources all their information from actual scientific research and clinical studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Know your vendor before you buy nootropics online!

If you’re interested to buy nootropics online, you obviously have your health and peak performance in mind. Make sure to do your homework before choosing a nootropic supplement or vendor to purchase from. There are some signs that should help you find a vendor with quality nootropic supplements who is reputable and right for you.

  • Do the products have an EAN code? This is a bar code which is used when a company is more established and has a track and trace system. This is used by bigger companies to support their logistic systems.
  • Is the product sealed properly (also known as induction sealing)? When receiving your food supplement, it is important to verify if the package itself is closed properly. A closed sealing assures that the package remained closed after leaving the production facility.
  • Does the product contain an expiry date? When the product is produced conform strict production standards, each product gets its own expiry date.
  • Does the company reflect its business address on the website? A legit company has nothing to hide and facilitates its details to optimize the customer experience.
  • Who stands behind the company? Are there faces and people behind the brand? As this is not a must, it always gives more trust and liability to the buyer to know from who they buy the product.

So whether you buy nootropics online or offline, when you buy nootropics online it’s good to keep the above topics in mind.

Can I buy nootropics online at your website?

Of course, we are currently offering our inaugural cognitive enhancing stack known as MindScopic® Clear Focus, a premium blend of nootropic compounds specifically chosen for their excellent synergy with one another. MindScopic® was personally formulated in cooperation with a licensed Research & Development center and in strictest compliance with EU legislation agencies. We here at MindScopic® spent years studying nootropics before formulating our own stack. Building on our own experience as noootropics users and bio-hackers, we built off of our personal experience and expertise to create Europe’s N°1 Nootropic, MindScopic® Clear Focus. Our product contains natural ingredients which give you an increase in your alertness, without a jittery feeling. Take a look at our homepage to find out what other people are saying about MindScopic® or click here.

clear focus

I still want to buy MINDSCOPIC® CLEAR FOCUS™ in a retail store, where can I find it?

If you don’t want to buy nootropics online, you can easily find MindScopic® full product assortment offline as well throughout different stores in Europe. Drop us an e-mail and we inform you about the shop that is most close to you. As most retail stores also have a website, you can still buy nootropics online through their shop, but also trough their retail chain.

What ingredients are found in MINDSCOPIC® CLEAR FOCUS™?

MindScopic® CLEAR FOCUS™ contains a blend of several naturally sourced nootropic components that were specifically chosen for their synergy. Each of the ingredients in CLEAR FOCUS™ have been scientifically researched and shown to improve various areas of focus, cognition and motivation.

CLEAR FOCUS™ contains the Ayurvedic memory tonic Bacopa Monnieri (also known as Brahmi, named after the Hindu god Brahmin). Bacopa has been used for thousands of years to improve processing speed, memory retention, consolidation and improve learning tasks as a result. Bacopa has been known to improve memory as well as having several neuro-protective benefits that safeguard the health of your brain.

Rhodiola is another naturally sourced ingredient found in CLEAR FOCUS™. Rhodiola is another adaptogenic herb that is known to improve the body and brain’s resistance to environmental and internal stressors and toxins. Studies have shown that Ginkgo biloba and Rhodiola rosea may improve psychomotor vigilance and short-term working memory.

L-tyrosine is a naturally occuring amino acid. Tyrosine, a neurotransmitter precursor may lower stress and improve cognition. Another amino acid ingredient in CLEAR FOCUS™ is l-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid found in both Guayusa and green tea. L-theanine provides a calm focus without sedation and may cut down on jitters from stimulants such as caffeine.

Caffeine is actually our next ingredient. In addition to improving focus and motivation, caffeine is also an antioxidant that may have neuroprotective qualities in moderate doses. Then there’s DMAE bitartate which is found in anchovies and sardines. DMAE may improve focus and attention as well as having some mood boosting abilities. DMAE is also considered a cholinergic. Acetylcholine is our brain’s natural learning and memory chemical.

CLEAR FOCUS™ also includes the co-enzyme NADH. NADH is a naturally occurring compound that is synthesized within the body. NADH is also vitally linked to energy metabolism as well as possessing antioxidant properties. CLEAR FOCUS™ is rounded out by a B-vitamin complex including vitamins B-3, B-12 and B-5. The inclusion of B-vitamins alongside NADH has a positive effect on energy metabolism, focus, mood and memory. The final ingredient in CLEAR FOCUS™ is Bioperine®. Bioperine®. is a proprietary, trademarked version of black pepper extract that has been shown to increase absorption of other compounds which may improve the bio-availability of the other ingredients.

What are the primary categories of nootropics?

Whether you buy nootropics online or in retail, there are multiple categories of compounds that are considered nootropics. Cholinergics will improve the production or utilization of acetylcholine, the primary learning, memory and movement neurotransmitter. AMPAkines will affect the AMPA neurotransmitter system. GABAergics (like theanine) will work on the brain’s inhibitory neurotransmitter system. The so-called “eugeroics” are stimulant compounds like modafinil and adrafinil. Some vitamins and supplements are also considered nootropic in their effects. Some nootropics exist in the form of peptides, noopept, selank and semax are examples of peptide chains that are considered to have a nootropic effect. Pseudovitamins (such as sulbutiamine an altered b-vitamin) are another class of nootropic compound. Natural nootropics such as l-theanine or rhodiola are naturally cognitive enhancers that are naturally occuring substances. Finally, there are “smart drugs” which are sometimes classed as nootropics which may have some side effects such as tolerance or withdrawal. ADD/ADHD medications are sometimes classed as “smart drugs.” Unfortunately, considering the long-term effects of drugs like these, in the end using them may not be so smart after all.

Are nootropics addictive?

If a compound (natural or synthetic) is a true nootropic it will not be addictive or a danger of inducing withdrawal symptoms of any sort. MindScopic® CLEAR FOCUS™ does contain caffeine which, if used to excess can lead to addition and withdrawal symptoms but taking MindScopic® CLEAR FOCUS™  in the proper doses should not lead to any issues here. That said, if you’re a heavy caffeine user you may want to cut back slightly while using MindScopic® CLEAR FOCUS™  or another product that includes caffeine as part of the nootropic stack. Not convinced in leaving your coffee behind? Another alternative that we offer is our premium caffeine free nootropic which you can discover here. That way, you can have your cake and eat it too!

What is stacking?

The secret to MindScopic® nutraceuticals is not any one single ingredient, rather it’s the specially formulated combination that works together with all the other components. This is what is called a nootropic stack. But what is a nootropic stack? Stacking involves using multiple nootropic and cognitive enhancing compounds. The philosophy behind nootropic stacking is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is why we at MindScopic® took the time to choose just the right ingredients to combine to improve each of the various factors of cognitive enhancement from improving acetylcholine production and sharpening focus to protecting the brain from stress and helping forestall the inevitable cognitive decline that comes with aging.

Building a stack requires a bit of knowledge of the supplements you are working with. You must understand the mechanism of action behind the individual components and how to combine them. Recommended dosages for instance may change when you combine a MAO-I or other things that alter the bio-availability of the compounds used. Many advance nootropic users enjoy experimenting with different stacks, but for beginners and intermediate users it is often easier to begin with pre-formulated nootropic stacks like the MINDSCOPIC® CLEAR FOCUS™ product. Starting with a fully fleshed out pre-formulated nootropic stack like MINDSCOPIC® CLEAR FOCUS™ is a great choice for beginners and intermediate users but even many advanced users enjoy the convenience and time saved from purchasing pre-formulated stacks. Purchasing a product like MINDSCOPIC® CLEAR FOCUS™ means not having to worry about measuring out ingredients every time you dose. It also cuts down on time encapsulating your stack (or the taste if you choose not to encapsulate).

One of the simplest beginner’s stacks around is the caffeine and theanine stack. Studies have shown that caffeine and theanine stacked together have a greater positive effect on cognition than either of them alone. So stacking is a way of getting more out of your individual components. If you’re interested in slightly altering or experimenting with the base nootropic formula (whether it’s MINDSCOPIC® CLEAR FOCUS™ or another stack) adding a racetam or choline source or another herbal or synthetic ingredient may be something you want to try after you’ve gotten a feeling for the initial stack.

Some warnings about nootropic stacks

One thing to remember is that in the world of cognitive enhancement, sometimes less is more. It’s always a good idea to find the minimum effective dosage for any ingredient or combination of ingredients. For most any cognitive enhancing substance there is a U-shaped dosage response curve. At some point, the peak usefulness of the nootropic or nootropic stack is reached. Any increase in dosage at that point will lead to less returns as far as improvement in cognitive enhancement goes. For instance, a sip of coffee won’t provide much enhancement but drinking a full pot of coffee in one run may have a detrimental effect on focus. Keep this in mind when you buy nootropics online.

 It’s always safer to err on the side of caution and begin at the bottom of the therapeutic window. Nootropics, along or in combination, are generally considered “safer than salt” but remember that too much of anything (even a good thing) can become a bad thing. Always mind the recommended dosages. Also remember sometimes the improvement will come over time. Keeping track of your nootropic experimentation (whether it’s with MindScopic®, another product or your own customized stack) is a good idea as well. Always be aware of what your body is trying to tell you. Which brings us to our next bit of advice.

What is cognitive tracking and why should I practice it?

Smart supplementation starts with having a good idea of what your “baseline” is. Determining baseline will help you track your personal improvement. Tracking your performance via certain free online tests and platforms will allow you to get an idea of your “pre-intervention” status. Think of the baseline as the “before” in the before and after you’re working on. Tracking all the important variables is vital here.

Keeping accurate records of biometrics such as physiology, mood and cognitive performance as well as diet, exercise and other factors is a start. You could use a journal if you’re more paper and pen oriented, but if you prefer, there are several online platforms and programs (many of them free) that can help you with this as well. Inputting all your info is the start. Begin by testing yourself before the “intervention.” Intervention just means the supplements you will use to attempt to improve your performance. Intervention means could include supplements, diet change (ketogenic diet for instance) and other factors. Cognitive tests like dual n-back are great for measuring your progress.

Some free services you can use to do your own cognitive tracking are listed  below:

Mindscopic Clear Focus

What is nootropic cycling?

As we mentioned earlier, apart from certain stimulants like sulbutiamine, modafinil, most of the nootropics will not lead to any sort of addiction or withdrawal effects. That said, some tolerance can build up which may decrease the efficiency of the individual nootropics or stacks. As a result, many in the nootropic community make sure to practice cycling when they buy nootropics online.

Our bodies and brains always attempt to keep a sort of happy balance as far as physiology and psychology. It is like a sort of inertia. Taking caffeine for instance improves vigilance by blocking the adenosine receptor. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that is released when the body or brain has done some work and chemically signals tiredness. If you continue to take greater and greater amounts of caffeine, in order to maintain homeostasis the brain will make more adenosine spill out which will decrease the effectiveness of the caffeine. This is really closely related to the “less is more” philosophy behind minimum effective dosing which should be employed whether you’re using OmniMind® or any other nootropic stack or supplement.

A way to ensure you get the most out of your nootropic regimen is cycling your stack. Cycling means taking your nootropic compound or stack for a set amount of days with an “off and on” schedule. Some may take for 3 days and off for 1, or on 4 days and off for 3, 5 days on and off for 2, etc. Cycling is generally based on the compounds being used and your personal reaction to them. So whether you buy nootropics online or offline, don’t forget to keep this cycling advise in mind.

Further Questions

In case you have any further questions about whether to buy nootropics online or in retail, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can reach out to [email protected].

We hope yout found this article informative and helpful. We here at MindScopic® aim to not only provide top notch nootropic solutions that suit your cognitive enhancement needs, we also hope to provide an excellent source for basic information and continuing education related to these supplements.  In case you have a remark, don’t hesitate to post a comment underneath.

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Remember, though it is true that many nootropics are literally safer than salt, it’s always a good idea to check with your personal physician before undergoing any new diet, exercise or supplementation regimen and always take nootropics and other supplements in the recommended dosage.

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