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Nootropics Europe – The Best and Full Overview of Nootropics in Europe
20 mei 2020 [email protected]
nootropics europe

Nootropics Europe – 50 years ago (1972)

A Romanian psychologist and a chemist known as Corneliu E. Giurgea was the first to synthesize Nootropics in Europe and the world at large. He started it with Piracetam which is the first Nootropic to be synthesized. He then coined the word “Nootropic” from the Greek words nous which means mind and trepein which means to bend or turn.

Ever since Giurgea discovered such a brain-boosting innovation in the science world, it has earned him a spot in the history of science and his brainchild; the Piracetam has gone viral across Europe due to its numerous benefits, non-toxic nature and very minute side effects.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs or cognitive stimulators are drugs, supplements or any other substance which when taken can stimulate cognitive functions such as memory, intelligence, creativity, motivation and long attention span.

Asides these functions, Giurgea says his innovation can create resistance to memory-impairing agents, enhance learning and memory, strengthen interaction between the brain’s hemispheres, and heighten the brain’s capacity to protect itself against different physical or chemical injuries.

While it is true that Nootropics stimulates cognitive functions in the brain, it doesn’t do so at the snap of your fingers. It is a gradual process and could take a couple of days, weeks or month of regular intake to achieve this for you.

The nootropics can’t make you think like Albert Einstein by increasing your natural Intelligence immediately after consumption, so don’t expect to become a genius all of a sudden when you start taking nootropic supplements. They don’t work like magic with instant results neither are they miracle workers, but they are stimulators. They play a supportive role in your brain by boosting its retention capacity, concentration span, creativity amongst other cognitive functions. Generally, you’ll become smarter and experience improved brain functions when you become a regular user of nootropics.

How Nootropics Are Classified

Nootropics can be divided into three types; the racetams, stimulants and nutraceuticals with each having its own unique function in the brain.

Let’s start with the first

  1. Racetams: Racetams are responsible for boosting mental strength, increased memory capacity, critical thinking, recollection of ideas, increased relaxed feeling, improved moods and improved level of concentration through the acetylcholine. This class of Nootropics only assists the brain natural capacity to carry all these functions.
  2. Stimulants: The stimulants are responsible for increasing alertness in the brain. They help the brain focus and improve concentration spans. Stimulants help the brain maintain a certain level of endurance to stress by increasing the brain’s blood flow pressure and respiration rate.
  3. Nutraceuticals: Nutraceuticals are the hybrids. They combine both the powers of racetams and stimulants to work effectively. They could be foods or supplements, but they possess the potentials to combine both classes of Nootropics. They can be consumed regularly or periodically and can come as an alternative solution to some mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s diseases. They seem like the ultimate class of the Nootropics; however, their functions are quite limited when you consume them.

Ultimate Functions of Nootropics – Nootropics Europe

Nootropics Europe – It is important that you know a thing or two about how Nootropics work before laying your hands on them and if you’ve already begun using them, there is still no harm done yet. You can use the knowledge as you continue.

Our brains are made up of billions of neurological cells joined together by synapses. With the help of synapses, the neurons work in together with transmitters known as neurotransmitters. The major functionality of the brain depends on these transmitters. They are responsible for the cognitive functions of the brain like improved attention, retentive memory and motivation.

Powerful Nootropics like the MindScopic’s CLEAR FOCUS™ when taken, increases the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the brain. All these rush of oxygen, nutrients and blood to the brain increases the energy in the brain by increasing the brain’s acetylcholine levels which in turn strengthens the brain’s capacity to function optimally.

The brain uses over 20% of our total body energy which is why it needs to be energized to be effective in its role. Some Nootropics can go the extra mile to enhance the production of nerve growth factor which uses protein synthesis to incite the growth of brain cells especially the dendritic cells. The dendritic cells aid faster communication of impulses around the central nervous system and improve responses, learning and memory.

Benefits of Nootropics

There are numerous benefits of these wonder brain food known as nootropics. Some of them are long term while some are short term.

In the short term category, nootropics can be beneficial to you by helping you improve your memory and mood, reenergize you, stir up you for more activity, help you sleep better, help you multitask, relieves you of stress, help you learn faster, improve your creativity and increase your attention span.

For the long term benefits, they help you age slowly and your brain is protected from every dangerous attack that’s forthcoming.

Both long and short term benefits are great for your brain –none is better than the others. While taking the nootropics to enhance your brain’s functions and help you in cognitive activities, this leads to the long term benefits of keeping your brain refreshed even as you age and helping you ward off threats of brain damage.

Nootropics Europe and the Trends

Nootropics Europe – The EU is home to some of the best universities in the world and as such, the population of students on the continent is very high. Some are native Europeans while the rest are from other regions of the world, like Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. One of the many challenges of students is the inability to concentrate for long hours while studying.

For some others, it might be short term memories or simply lack of creativity. So when the question of what the most trending subject in the supplement world amongst students in Europe is asked, nootropics will certainly steal a sizable portion of that survey.

Generally, a lot of students are faced with different kinds of cognitive issues daily in their various institutions across the continent and this why nootropics in Europe is going rampant. European students are the major consumers of the nootropics to help them study better and be smarter.

Asides the student, Europe is one place that can drain your brain energy faster due to its beehive of activities and lots of engagements to get you entangled in. Nootropics are the best solutions to refresh your brain and energize them after they’ve been exhausted by the daily activities of the famous continent which requires you to often strain your brain.

How Viral Have the Nootropics Gone?

As at 2015, Nootropics have recorded over $1Billion in sales all over the world, clearing any single doubts about its power to boost cognition.

Just like with other new discoveries, the initial stages will be met with controversies and criticisms, different theories will spring up to condemn it and find errors in it. Some other theories will back it up with facts and prove it to be genuine. But so far, the sales it has made has proven it to be working, which is why people are buying it and in Germany, a survey carried out about nootropics in Europe among students indicated that some 0.7-4.5% of German students have used cognitive stimulators since it became popular. That statistics would go higher than that if such a survey is conducted right now.

Why They Went Viral

Everyone wants a retentive memory. Everyone wants to be smart. You want to be creative and called a genius. We want to be able to think out of the box and know what to do in difficult situations. It is something almost all of us want and Nootropics can help a great deal in achieving these desires.

So the question of why they went rampant is an easy guess. When you get something that can help you reach where you are going faster and with little or no side effects, what do you do? You simply get the cash out of your purse and buy your way into a becoming the best of who you are with improved brain functions.

More so, this food supplement is famous for helping older people think like their younger counterparts. Your ageing grandparent can have a refreshed brain, free from amnesia. It is nice to see the oldies engage in intellectual conversations and brainstorm with you all the way to achieving good results.

Nootropics refresh the brain and also decreases the risks of having dementia and other brain disorders. The MINDSCOPIC CLEAR FOCUS™ nootropic in Europe is making huge sales due to its natural sources and gluten-free feature. Made with certified ingredients and having sought the counsel of industry leaders, the CLEAR FOCUS™ nootropic is one of the best in Europe.

Nootropic Stacks

Several kinds of nootropics can be combined together to form a stack which comes as one big nootropic with powerful effects and functionality. Most nootropics in Europe come as stacks. Stacks are higher in performance because they are like different armies coming together to fight a battle. In this case, battles are not being fought but they are a strong force that helps boost the performance of the brain.

Different combinations can have different results on individuals. It varies from person to person. So a stack might work for your partner, friend or parent and not give you the desired results you are looking for. Trying different stacks can help you find the one that works for you.

One of the best nootropic stacks you can ever find is the CLEAR FOCUS™ Stack which packs some of the best nutrients that can boost your brain to perform optimally and make you stand out among your colleagues as one smart gem.

The MindScopic CLEAR FOCUS™ stack is in capsule form, it is void of artificial flavourings or colour and it is good for vegetarians.

You can actually combine some nootropics to form a stack yourself with the right guidance. You can as well get the readymade stack that has been processed by the manufacturers like that of the MindScopic stack. This is recommended because, as a foremost nootropic brand, they know the right combination to stack which will help you achieve mental concentration, focus, stay motivated and improve your mood. The stack also gives you the right dosage formula that will help you achieve your desired results.

Other Note-Worthy Facts About Nootropics

Nootropics Europe – With the nootropics in Europe receiving widespread patronage which is anticipated, you might just join the train and start consuming without proper guidance which could lead to some really bad situations for you. However, if you are with the right information, you can easily avoid seeing the negative effects of nootropics. So here are some of the things you need to note about nootropics.

1.     Don’t Gamble with Quality

Quality is one factor that cannot be overlooked as far as nootropics in Europe is concerned. There couldn’t have been a more befitting spot than number one for these note-worthy facts about nootropics.

Be careful of where you source your nootropics from. Only patronize verified and renowned dealers. If you are in the habit of shopping supplements at any store, then that should change for nootropics. It’s your brain we are talking about here. The last thing you want is getting it damaged while trying to improve its performance. So watch out for quality, make sure they are certified by the authorities in charge of food and supplements before patronizing. It is better to also source for nootropics are made without artificial flavours and additives.

2.     Dosage

Getting the right dosage of nootropics can save you of overdosing. This is why you need the MindScopic Clear Focus stack which has a fantastic dosage formula that has been tested and proven to be free of side effects while giving you what you ultimately need from it. One dosage gone wrong can give you the opposite of what you are looking for. Quality over Quantity!

3.     The Stacks Are Your Best Chance of Getting Everything

When it comes to nootropics, there’s no one-size-fits-all smart drug. This means that a single nootropic can’t possibly give you all the benefits you desire. Some help you focus, some are for motivation, some increases your concentration levels and some can just help spark up the creativity in you.

It’s not really easy to find one nootropic that does all that. This is why the stacks are your best shots are getting everything. The CLEAR FOCUS™ helps you focus, improves your memory and keep you motivated all the time. So if you are looking for a one-size-fits-all nootropic, the CLEAR FOCUS™ is close to that. It is offering you three benefits. It’s a 3-in-1 package and your best shot with stacks.


With the rise of nootropics, there is no excuse for failing to utilize the power of your brain. Well, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be a genius one morning after you wake, but you’ve been trying to do some really great things with your brains all this while unaided.

Imagine having extra assistance to all the efforts you are applying to your brain. Imagine the number of results you’ll get when you use the CLEAR FOCUS™ stack source from nature’s finest ingredients and with a threesome power that includes motivation, memory and focus.

Some of the ingredients that make up the amazing CLEAR FOCUS™ includes; Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Caffeine, Alpha GPC, Vitamin B3 and many more. All these ingredients have been thoroughly researched and have been proven to have powerful effects on the brain.

With their terrific individual powers summed up together to make up the CLEAR FOCUS™ stack, you are on your way to greatness!