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OMNIMIND REVIEW – by Laurens Eeckhout

OMNIMIND REVIEW – by Laurens Eeckhout
11 januari 2017 Alex MINDSCOPIC®

OmniMind Review – by Laurens Eeckhout, nootropic blogger

Do I think OmniMind® is worth it?

See my answer in this omnimind review below!

What was the problem I needed to solve?

As a nootropic advocate for the past 5 years, I already know a lot about nootropics but never tried blends like OmniMind before. I been keen on making this omnimind review for a while. That’s because I like to experiment with single dosages and ingredients. But, a couple times a year during my exam period, I need to focus and perform at my best.  That’s the period I can’t afford to lose my focus or get brain fog because of the wrong ingredient or dosage. For that reason, I started looking for a supplement brand that could help me with my goals without wasting my time and money looking for the right supplement stack.

Why did you prefer OmniMind® above any other brand?

Because of the wide variety of nootropics I tried myself, I knew what I was looking for. After looking at almost ten different nootropic formula brands, I stumbled across OmniMind®. Their formula contained the ingredients which I already had the best experience with,  those being bacopa monnieri in combination with their patented bioperine extract.

How was their solution unique?

The wide variety of ingredients seemed kind of interesting. I was sceptical about a few ingredients because I didn’t know they had nootropic like effects. But after looking at scientific literature, I immediately understood the importance of these elements.

What did you particularly like about their approach or delivery?

What can I say? Everything went perfectly. No problems with the site, payment, delivery, …

How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

I’m positively surprised with this nootropic supplement. I never thought a supplement that helped with mental performance could combine the right ingredients in combination with the right dosages. For that reason, I implemented OmiMind in my morning supplement stack to kickstart my day!

Would you recommend the business to others? If so, who?

Everyone should seek for optimal performance in their lives in my opinion. Students, high-performance athletes, executives,… Even if OmniMind® only increased your performance with 1% (trust me, it’s a lot more) each day, 365 days a year. That makes a 365% improvement.

OmniMind Review – by Laurens Eeckhout, Nootropic Blogger. 14th of August 2016