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The Ultimate Nootropics Guide, download for free more than 100+ nootropics!
17 april 2020 [email protected]

The Ultimate Nootropics Guide, download for free more than 100+ different nootropics!

If you’re interested in getting into bio-hacking and would like to incorporate nootropic cognitive
enhancers, we thought it is important to learn the basics of how they work by providing MindScopic’s Ultimate Nootropics Guide. To do this, we
provided the basics of different classes and ingredients. Like this, you can learn to better
understand how these supplements work. As well as how their working mechanism alters our
neurons, neurotransmitters or overall brain functioning.

What can I find in the Nootropics Guide?

It’s important to know where to start as well. First, learning exactly what nootropics are and how
they differ from other cognitive enhancers will be helpful.
Nootropics were brought to the world in the early 60’s by Romanian pharmacologist Dr Corneliu
Giurgea. Dr Giurgea brought the world piracetam, the prototypical racetam and the first true
synthetic nootropic and aniracetam. He also formulated the original criterion for what constitutes
a nootropic substance. The purpose of nootropics according to Giurgea is quite simple: “The
general aim of nootropic research is to find new drugs capable of enhancing directly the efficiency
of the cognitive, noetic activity of the brain, thus compensating various neuro-psychologic deficits
such as, but not exclusively, those related to aging, memory and focus.”

What can I learn from the Nootropics Guide?

Nootropics benefit a bio-hacker in several ways, as cognitive enhancers and also to support
overall health and well-being. One of the first things to do is to learn the receptor systems and
which compounds affect which neurotransmitters. There are multiple classes of nootropics
and some substances will work on multiple receptor systems. You’ll want to learn about the
acetylcholine, the learning and memory neurotransmitter that relates to the cholinergic system
and corresponds to supplements like the racetams. Then there’s the glutamatergic system
which is the primary excitatory neurotransmitter. Caffeine and theanine both have an effect on
glutamate (and coincidentally caffeine and theanine are a great combo for someone just trying
to dip their toe in the pools of nootropic cognitive enhancement). The AMPAkines are related to
the glutamatergic system and can stimulate Long-Term Potentiation. GABA is the mirror image of
the glutamatergic system and is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, preventing neurons from
firing and resulting in a calming effect on the brain.

Next to the Nootropics Guide, what else is important for reaching your maximum potential?

Cognitive enhancement and healthy bio-hacking starts with proper health, good diet, exercise
and adequate sleep. There’s no way around that and you can’t expect any supplement or stack
to replace that. Also, remember that nootropics are just one tool in the bio-hacker’s toolkit.
There are thousands of years worth of mental technologies for improving memory, intelligence
and other cognitive faculties. From the Egyptians, Hindus, Buddhist, Romans on into the latest
developments in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, there are numerous ways you may improve
your health, cognition, motivation. Once you control the basics, it’s interesting to step up your
game with the use of nootropics in a safe way and stick with the minimum effective dosing to
avoid possible side effects. Therefore, to guide you through the complex world of nootropics, we
created MindScopic®’s Ultimate Nootropic Guide.

I don’t feel like reading a whole guide!

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