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  • Sleepwell spray
  • Sleepwell spray



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  • Oral spray for ultra fast sublingual absorption & highest effectiveness
  • Reduces the time required to fall asleep
  • Optimises the Quality of Sleep
  • Only Certified Ingredients
  • Based on Scientific Research
  • Natural Fresh Mint Aroma
  • Clean & Clear labelling



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SLEEPWELL SPRAY™ is a scientifically developed product that improves the quality of your sleep and reduces the time required to fall asleep. The spray contains a powerful, natural tonic that soothes the body and the mind.

Having a good night’s rest is essential and forms the basis for a vital life. Sometimes, falling asleep and staying asleep can be a challenge. This problem can get worse when certain complications come into play. Nights of worrying and thinking – it happens to everyone. Sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health. Having a bad night can increases the chances of depression, loss in concentration, weight gain and diabetes.

Chamomile Extract [12mg]
Considered one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to mankind, dried chamomile flowers promote countless health benefits thanks to their high content of antioxidants such as flavonoids and terpenoids. Chamomile is a herb that is usually taken as a tea or as a capsule for its soothing effect. Chamomile also helps with relaxation.

Passionflower Extract [12mg]
This beautiful flower, also known as Passiflora Incarnata, is a perennial vine from the tropical rain forests of South America. The modern herbalist recommends it as a powerful herb for treating stress and anxiety and to help the mind prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Lemon Balm [12mg]
Lemon balm has been cultivated as a culinary and medicinal plant that calms the mind for over 2000 years. Lemon balm also encourages restful sleep, especially for those who have difficulty falling asleep.

Avena Sativa Extract [12mg]
The name Avena Sativa is Latin and means ‘wild oats’. This herb variety, used in the SLEEPWELL SPRAY™, is a powerful extract of the Avena Sativa plant. The herb is enjoyed by those who experience inner turmoil or who simply want to sleep well.

Melatonin [0.295mg]
Melatonin occurs naturally in the human body. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has scientifically proven that melatonin:

  • Reduces the time required to fall asleep
  • Reduces the subjective feelings of jetlag

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Label Sleepwell spray

Take a spray under your tongue 30 minutes before bedtime.

Keep dark, closed at room temperature and out of reach of children. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet, nor for a healthy lifestyle. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Contact a physician before use if you have a disease or take medicines. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.


SLEEPWELL SPRAY™ is scientifically designed to improve the quality of your sleep and reduces the time required to fall asleep. The spray contains a powerful, natural tonic that calms the body and the mind.

Chamomile Extract

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Passionflower Extract

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  1. When I am on nightly background duty, my sleep is always interrupted. I then have problems getting back to sleep. The spray helps me amazingly well.

  2. Just got this and used it for the first time last night and already Love it! I’ve been suffering from terrible insomnia and trying all different kind of things that could help. Think I finally found the fix! I had a great night! It’s a bit tingly under my tongue but NOT UNCOMFORTABLE. Overall am completely satisfied with this product and Mindscopic so far! They seem to really care and the personal touch does Not go unnoticed thank you Alex!

  3. Ich liebe den Geschmack, nicht zu stark. Mit dem ersten Sprher, den ich hatte, blieb der Sprher stecken und wrde nur einmal pumpen, dann musste man ihn manuell hochziehen. Aber mit der zweiten Bestellung wurde dieses Problem gelst. Es ist entspannend lecker und ich bin froh, dass ich es gekauft habe.

  4. Ich habe leider super oft Gedankenkarussell beim Einschlafen. Seit dem ich den Spray nehme vor dem Schlafen, ist das Einschlafen deutlich leichter geworden.

  5. I work shifts and therefore have a rather irregular sleep rhythm. Especially when I come back from night duty, my body has a hard time. The sleepwell spray helps me a lot. But after a hard day I take 2-3 spray insteaf of 1!

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