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MINDSCOPIC® develops the purest quality nootropic supplements that fit a healthy, vital and energetic lifestyle. In the creation of all our products, the emphasis is always placed on the purest and most effective dosage. MINDSCOPIC® differs in several critical points from all other nutritional supplement brands and uses unique formulas that will make a difference for you.

We asked ourselves the question: “How can we develop the world’s best natural nootropics?”. To get an answer to this question, we asked doctors and industry experts to help us achieve the best results. After years of research, we have been able to develop award-winning formula’s. Our hero product is CLEAR FOCUS™, a completely balanced and safe nootropic to improve mental performance. This gem has turned MINDSCOPIC® into a fast-growing company, giving many high achievers a competitive edge.

About MINDSCOPIC® – The founder

Meet Koen, the founder of MINDSCOPIC®. Koen has been a health and fitness enthusiast all his life. He lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. Growing up in an environment where health is always front and centre, dealing with sleep, nutrition, sports and everything that comes with it in a smart way comes naturally. Being a high achiever with a busy lifestyle, he quickly learned about the benefits of various plant based nutraceuticals for performing at an optimum level. His passion for optmising both body and mind led him to work for one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of supplements.

After some years of acquiring expertise, it was time to start making his vision a reality. After months of research and deliberating with experts, MINDSCOPIC® was born, a continuation of Koen’s passion for optimising human performance with the best natural ingredients Mother Earth has to offer. These raw materials are mixed together to form award-winning products of the highest quality, with CLEAR FOCUS™ as the absolute highlight. A product that is not matched by any other supplement in the industry.

About MINDSCOPIC® – The name


MIND /mʌɪnd/

The element of a person that enables that person to be aware of the world and all the experiences that it brings with it. The element that allows a person to think and feel and that brings about consciousness and power of thought.


SCOPIC /skɑː.pɪk/

Used as an adjective to describe looking at, discovering and zooming in on something. From one side ‘scopic’ stands for an improved focus, on the other side ‘scopic’ stands for a deeper look at the quality of ingredients. We do this by working open source and exclusively with certified and verified raw materials.